Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blog's 5 Years Old Today

Happy Birthday to the Squat Rx blog!

Five years, huh? It's been fun. If you've been reading the blog long, you know that there are recurring themes here - I hope they aren't too hard to see.

The things I value and aspire to, in writing, training, and life are:
* The Quest for Mastery
* Consistency
* Compassion
* Ownership
* Intention without Entitlement (i.e. goals are good, expectations are bad)

Thank you for your readership and friendship and I look forward to another five years and beyond.


Brock said...

Happy Birthday Boris!

Boris said...

Thanks Brock!!

esteban said...

happy birthday boris! your hard work and time is appreciated!

Boris said...

Thank you Esteban!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Boris!

Your blog have helped me figure out some things that I might not otherwise have figured out at all.

Thank you

Boris said...

Thank you Anonymous.