Monday, August 15, 2011




Spencer said...

Nice one!

Jeff said...


I've always wondered about breathing and swimming. In my younger years, I would hold my breath and THEN release and breathe in at the same time when I'd turn for air. I couldn't seem to figure out why I would get tired so quickly...

When you're swimming, do you ever breathe in through your nose? It seems near impossible for me. Breathing in the mouth and out of the nose seems like the only way, but it feels like I don't get a full breathe when I do that. Is there any other way?

Boris said...

Thank you Spencer.

Hi Jeff,
Honestly, I don't know for sure what all competitive swimmers do, but here's what I do/did:
Breathe out through mouth AND nose. Breathe in through mouth.
I'm guessing that inhaling through the nose while swimming just is not the safest way to breathe and chances of spending a lot of time on the poolside coughing your guts out are going to be higher if you do.
I don't know if any of that is helpful Jeff - let me know.

Jeff said...


Your answer sounds spot on. I did a little Internet research, and most sites don't seem to touch on the topic. The one sight that did said to inhale through the nose and/or mouth. I can't imagine inhaling through the nose, but I did want advice from someone who has more swimming experience than I do. I stopped swimming competitively around 15 years of age.

I've never thought of exhaling through the nose and mouth; I'll give it a shot.

Thanks for you blogging efforts! Keep up the good work!

Boris said...

In that site's defense, it's probably impossible to inhale through the mouth without inhaling through the nose at least a little (unless the nose is plugged), but I'm talking about 'intent' here. Same w. exhalation, probably pretty hard to exhale through the nose exclusively unless the mouth is shut but, again, 'intention'. The intention on the exhalation is to expel enough air that when you turn your head to breathe, you begin inhalation as soon as your face hits air. There are drills to practice this that are good for age-groupers - something we used to call "Bobs" and maybe I'll try to blog about it sometime if I can't a good explanation elsewhere.

Thanks for the swimming question!