Monday, May 16, 2011

Squat To A Million Update: Three-Fourths Done

The longer you train, the clearer you are on the following truth: One session, one set, or one rep will not make you, but one session, one set, or one rep certainly could break you.

With the option of taking days to rest between squat sessions removed, I find myself having to squat through some pretty persistent aches and pains - aches and pains that I don't ignore but, with my mind made up to squat everyday, simply interpret differently than I would otherwise. Whereas normally, I'd listen to the aches and pains and respond with an extra day or two of rest, now I simply respond with more stretching, massage, and icing before bed, and I warm up generously and seek out squat variant options that feel good. Lately, box squats with chains have been nice to me.

The whole purpose of this squat to a million endeavor is awareness and I'm certainly getting new lessons in that. Speaking of awareness, I'm still raising money for disaster relief. Please donate if you can to The American Red Cross, or through this website on the right hand side the page - I will be passing along every dollar to a charity working with disaster victims in Japan.


Boris Terzic said...

Keep up the good work Boris!

Boris said...

Thank you Boris!