Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas For The Meathead In Your Life

Every year, I make a Christmas list for people looking for training goods for themselves or an ironhead in their life. I try to cover a range of prices and a variety of gifts. All of these get a big thumbs up from me and, for what it's worth, except for the shirts*, I don't get a dime.

* =  (maybe "Athletic Body In Balance" and the slow cooker - I'm supposedly an Amazon affiliate, but I haven't seen a single check yet...)

*$11.95 Expand Your Hands Bands : Ironmind
You could do the same thing by buying a lot of asparagus and using the thick rubber bands, but these are NICE! If you have any hand or wrist issues, or need to balance out your grip work, I highly recommend them.

*$19.95 Of Stones And Strength : Steve Jeck and Peter Martin (book)
This was one of the first books I bought when I became interested in strongman events. It is a fascinating look at "manhood stones" that have challenged warriors and strongmen throughout history. If you've ever watched World Strongest Man events and wanted to know more about the  McGlashen stones ("Atlas Stones"), or the Husafell Stone, or just like rocks, this book is for you.

*$20.00 SKWAT! T-Shirt
I just got an order of shirts in (sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL). If you're interested, send me an email ( to check availability and we'll arrange payment through PayPal.

*$24.95 Never Let Go : Dan John (book)
Dan John is one of a kind. Never Let Go is a collection of articles and essays filled with anecdotes, advice, plans, and reflections. It is a must have for the training veteran. You can find many of his articles at Dave Draper's site if you'd like a preview of his writing.

*$26.30 Hamilton Beach 6-Quart Slow cooker
If your diet needs improvement, then a slow cooker might be one way to get you eating better and eating out less. I make soups, chili, and pot roast more often than my family would probably like, but it has saved us a lot of time and money.

*$29.95 Lats: The Super Muscles : Mark Reifkind (DVD)
I reviewed this DVD in October here. Although many of the drills given in the DVD are kettlebell-centered, the application is far-reaching and, applied properly, will have you pressing, pulling, and swinging more powerfully than ever.

*$58 2" Diameter Vertical Bar from Fat Bastard Barbell Company
Adam "Unbreakable" Glass inspired and recommended this simple training tool to me and I've really enjoyed using it for one-arm deadlifts. I have no delusions of grip strength glory, but it's a fun challenge and maybe, just maybe, if I can get strong enough with it, I'll be able to give the Spear Of Benkei a run for its money.

*$69.95 Movement Gray Cook (book)
If you are a trainer or coach and you have no means of assessing mobility, then you need this book. It is a wonderful and in-depth text covering movement screens, assessments, and corrective exercises. If you are looking for a more basic introduction to movement screens, then Gray Cook's first book, Athletic Body In Balance (Paperback Book) ($19.95) may be better suited to your needs. Both books are excellent.

*$99 Grip & Rip 2.1 Adam T. Glass & Brad Nelson (DVD)
Last April, I reviewed the first version of Grip & Rip 2 here and added further commentary on "The Movement" here. I believe that there is simple genius in Adam and Brad's teachings. If you are an "endless seeker" of routines and training protocols, then this may finally end your search.

*$129.99 Plateau Buster Swing Handle
Another recommendation from Adam Glass - it's a sturdy version of a device that, I think, Dan John called a "Turkish Blaster". Dudes are loading up 300+ pounds on this thing and swinging it! That's absolutely nuts - I'll be getting one soon!

*$179 The Top Squat from
The Top Squat is a wonderful, sturdy device that affixes to a barbell to make squatting less demanding on shoulder girdle flexibility. It's an awesome tool to have if you're someone who can't back squat because of shoulder, elbow, or wrist issues. I reviewed this product in Squat Rx #19 - since reviewing it three years ago, I've had a lot more time to experiment with the Top Squat and I've grown to love it as a change of pace from barbell back and front squats.

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Matt said...

I like this idea Boris:

Sort of pricey though

Boris said...

I think Adam has that - looks like fun.

vinnie said...

Boris you are the coolest dude I've virtually met throughout my years of surfing.

Boris said...

Thanks Vinnie! People that meet me off-line would have a much different impression.

fawn said...

Great list! I loved Lats, the Super Muscle. I might have to use one of your ideas. Thanks for posting it!

Boris said...

Thanks Fawn!