Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Shopping Guide

I think this is the third time I've presented a Christmas shopping list here at Squat Rx. Please understand that I don't make a thing if you buy any of the products below... zero dinero for me-o. I own them all (except for the Gymboss) and think they are the cat's meow and I think you'll agree. Have a great holiday season and please come back and visit frequently.

$140 APT Strongman Pulling Harness from APT Pro Gear
I bought three of these for the price of one last summer. It is a great piece of equipment and the 3-for-1 deal is still good as far as I know. If you ever wanted to do one of those crazy strongman events, this would be a place to start.

$110 Dan John 4-DVD Set
These DVDs are wonderful. Great, great stuff for any strength coach, athlete, or gym rat. If you are a coach and don't want to buy the whole set (though I strongly recommend them all), start with the Philosophy of Strength DVD for $39.95. His hip-displacement continuum discussion alone is more than worth the price in my opinion, but there are literally dozens of gems in this two-hour DVD. Otherwise, start where your interests lie: kettlebells, Olympic lifts, or Warm-Up, Workouts, & Barbell Complexes ($29.95 each). All of them are delivered in Dan John's easy-going, insightful, one-of-a-kind manner. His lessons will stay with you and you'll be quoting him the next time you go to the gym. He is a teacher and it shows.

$47 Resilient - DVD by Pavel Tsatsouline
Pavel's books and DVDs are all great, but this is one of the best. If you have aches and pains, or are just looking for something different for your mobility work, start here. It seems pricey for a 36 minute DVD, but, like Dan John's work, it is something you'll watch and learn and then put away, and then re-watch later and learn something new. If you've never watched Pavel, he is about as charismatic as they come. "ENJOY!"

$36.95 Twist Yo' Wrist from Ironmind
Wrist strength is often overlooked and the Twist Yo Wrist is a simple wrist roller that stresses radial and ulnar extension - something you don't get with traditional wrist curls. It's a fun and valuable little piece of exercise equipment.

$25 Never Let Go - Book by Dan John
I never reviewed this book like I promised, but it delivered everything I knew it would. Great stories. Great lessons. Great writing. You owe it to yourself or the musclehead you love to buy this. If there was only one product to recommend from this list, this is the one. If you don't own it yet, get it.

$19.95 Gymboss Interval Timer
I don't own one. Everyone I know does and everyone I know loves it. I get by with my watch or an analog clock with a second hand, but if my wife picked one of these up for me I would be pretty happy (hint, hint... Who am I kidding? She doesn't read my blog!).

By the way, I think I might still have an unclaimed SKWAT! t-shirt or two, so if you're one of those people who've been nagging me for one... what are you waiting for?


Niel K. Patel said...

I was wondering if I can get one of the shirts in large?

I sent an email a few days ago, but assumed you were all out.

Boris said...

You should be good Niel.

Grego§ said...

I sent you an email (misc1234) but haven't heard back. Would I still be able to request one from you?
I'm in New Zealand at the moment, if you don't want send one out there then no dramas at all. Although, I'd be more than willing to send you a cheque first to get my hands on one!