Wednesday, December 23, 2009

T-Shirt Update

T-shirts have all been sent out and, as far as I can tell, everyone who was supposed to get one should have received theirs by now (even the two that I sent overseas). I received one check (thanks Franklin!) which I will be donating to Children's Miracle Network, and have heard from another who plans to donate to a nearby charity overseas. If you got a shirt and are making some kind of donation to pay it forward, I'd like to hear about it, or if you're just giving to a charity for whatever reason this holiday season, I'd like to hear about that too.

Someday, maybe someone will explain PayPal to me (yeah, I know) and we'll make this a regular thing and raise more $$ for people who need it more than you or I.

Merry Christmas everyone. Talk to you again soon.

- Boris

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