Saturday, March 28, 2009

Surrogate Parenting


I just got back from one of my son's activities and was appalled by parents who were more interested in their cell phones than their children's lessons, or their other small children running around the facility unsupervised. One parent, engrossed in her cell phone conversation, handed a Mt. Dew to her one year old to polish off... Later, when she wasn't on the phone, her parenting discourse, in the course of 10 minutes, ranged from playful, giggling banter to hysterics.

Is it any wonder that we have obesity and mental health epidemics in this country when parents substitute television, video games, sugary caffeinated beverages, and junk food for attention, conversation, and interaction with their children? Our problems run deep and it's not something that physical education and/or health classes can be expected to solve or even make a dent in without a wider support system.


Tom said...

G'day Boris,

I'm still a teenager and though I live in a different country to you I see exactly what you mean. I feel my generation is often unfairly targeted as being a nation of delinquents. I think we are also a generation of children that has had to deal with parenting tactics that you've mentioned here. I count myself lucky that my parents were always willing to converse with me about whatever I had to say and asked me questions about my day but I know plenty of my friends who were babysat by there television or computer. Good to see you're one of the good guys =D.

From Tom.

Boris said...

I try Tom. Thank you for giving feedback.

Andy and Judy said...

You're right on!

Aaron Friday said...

No fair judging a generation before they turn 18, or 30.

Boris, have you seen King Corn? I found it to be worthwhile.

Boris said...

Thanks Andy.

You're right - maybe they'll grow up to be superfit overachievers and childrearing via video games and soft drinks will turn out to be highly effective parenting practice. I shouldn't jump to conclusions! ;)

King Corn? No, but I'll look into it. Thanks!

Thomas said...

There is a long winded topic. You did good ........ again Boris!

Philip. A said...

Thats just disgusting what you described. Some people don't have a clue how to be good parents they just multiply like cats.