Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Working With Coaches & Fitness Professionals

Lately, I've been working with a number of personal trainers and coaches, teaching kettlebell skills. It's interesting to work with them because they bring a different mindset to the training table than athletes or other trainees. For the average gym-goer looking to improve his/her fitness, there is no real need to question the deeper reasoning behind an exercise technique unless it somehow impacts their performance of the exercise, sport, or activity. For a coach or PT however, there is a need to understand not only how an exercise is performed, but also WHY it is performed that way insofar as how it applies to their clients' individual needs and goals. Simply being able to perform and demonstrate an exercise is not enough - they must be able to help athletes and clients identify weaknesses and errors and work with them to prescribe the necessary corrections and modifications.

I'll be giving a three-hour workshop on Saturday, November 15. Please email me at boris_york@yahoo.com or contact CrossFit Iowa to register.

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