Monday, November 10, 2008

Consistent Inconsistence

I wish I could create a magic routine or exercise that operated successfully under the principle of "consistent inconsistence"... Weekend warriors and "hard gainers" would love this and I'd be filthy rich.

It seems to be a stunning revelation for many that yes, you can squat more than once a week and make gains, often with marked improvement. No, DOMS (delay-onset-muscle-soreness) does not have to be a daily occurrence. Less is more, except when it's just less, and once or twice a week is probably not going to do it if you have aspirations greater than getting off your duff once in a while or unless you are very out-of-shape to begin with.

Consistent, repeated effort is key to success. Without consistency, even the best training plan and the most genetically gifted will fall far short of their potential. Consistency is not exciting - it is often dull. Training novelty is important too, but without training consistency, the body will be unable to make the adaptations to demands we're after.

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