Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Congratulations To Scott Helsley - New Master of Sport!

Congratulations to Scott Helsley for achieving the rank of Master of Sport with the long cycle clean and jerk. To attain this rank, Scott did 54 repetitions of clean and jerks with a pair of 32kg kettlebells at a bodyweight of 74kg. I had a chance to meet Scott this summer at the IKFF/NAKF Nationals - a really pleasant, down-to-earth guy and strong as hell. Scott is pictured below with Maya Garcia of Ice Chamber fame.

Scott detailed his training in his blog at Rational Fitness Practice.


Boris T. said...

I've meet Scott on two occasion myself, and on both seen him attempt the MS and go just shy of it.

Really good for him to accomplish such a task.

Boris said...

Agreed. Great guy.