Thursday, July 10, 2008

Russian Hockey Deadlifts

The "Russian Hockey Deadlift" is an exercise I got from Pavel Tsatsouline's DVD "Resilient" (an excellent DVD if you have aches and pains by the way). It is a very deceptively simple exercise that if you decide to try, I recommend you stay w. relatively light weights and move slowly. It is NOT a "load em up and rip it off the floor" exercise - control the weight and torso rotation at all times. If you can do it with good form and tension, I believe it to be a great exercise for building strength in rarely challenged ranges of motion.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for commenting by my blog.

I am your fan.
I respect you !! strong Mr.Boris

Thank you !!

by kObA

Boris said...

Thanks Koba. Hopefully we'll meet and train together someday.

Stu Ward said...

Boris, this looks like a great idea. Frequently I see otherwise healthy people strain their backs lifting and twisting at the same time. I've done it myself. This looks like a good way to progressively condition yourself against that type of injury.


Boris said...

Thanks Stu. I think that you have to be VERY careful about lumbar flexion, but I agree with you.

Chris Hutson said...

I think I'm gonna put some of these on the schedule today - I tweaked some muscle in my back deadlifting a while ago and since then I've been looking for additional ways to reinforce things back there.