Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Beep Test" Work (Cont'd...)

Had a training session w. the Japanese version of the "beep test" and did around 100 reps with the 1.5 pood. Not very focused and ended up cranking my wrist on the third rep and just about lost the bell at 5:00 into the video. The whole thing took about 13 minutes.

My son drew a kettlebell yesterday.

"two hundred three hundred miles 76 hundred how heavy"


Franz Snideman said...

100 reps is pretty good on any day, focused or not focused!!!!

Nice job anyway!

Andy and Judy said...

"two hundred three hundred miles 76 hundred how heavy"

What's that in pood?

So I'm guessing he's about 4, with great language skills.

Taikei Matsushita said...

That's a nice drawing with lots of dreams and fortune.

Boris said...

Thanks Franz.

He's five. His reading and writing skills are pretty good - I don't think I could read or write much of anything until first grade...

Thanks buddy!