Friday, April 4, 2008

EDT - Getting the Led Out

Friday Night's Training - 10:00 Alternating Squats & Chins


Taikei Matsushita said...

Yep, Charles Staley stuff is in depth stuff.
I watched his DVD with Pavel over and over.

1.Mentioned that you can take much rest as you want between intervals. If you rush into it too much, you are positioned to do more for the next EDT session.
2. Staley mentioned about exerting 90% of maximum force through out the EDT. Although this can be adjusted to 80% 85% or whatever setting you make. And if your effort goes below the percentage, you can stop. What indicates the effort going downhill would be things such as bad form/posture, you're struggling at the sticking point too much, or you're not extending the joints enough.

Just some input, but if you haven't done yet, Staley's free e-book "Unnatural Athlete" is worth a read.

Boris said...

I'm modifying EDT Taikei - it's not textbook EDT, but it suits what I want to do with it. I'm grinding out the reps there, but I think the form is acceptable.

I've read his books on EDT and "The Unnatural Athlete" - thought they were pretty good.

Bill said...

THe video has been removed.

Boris said...

It's still there Bill. I think YouTube occasionally has issues...

Franz Snideman said...

EDT is very effective....especially when you pick two compound exercises like you did!

Very nice!