Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CrossFit Kettlebell Workshop

I've been pretty busy over the past couple of months giving kettlebell instruction to groups of students here and there, and last weekend I gave a kettlebell workshop at CrossFit Iowa. We had a solid group in attendance, including members of CrossFit Ames. Exercises covered were a review of the kettlebell swing and Turkish Get-Up, and introduction and drills covering the clean, push-press, jerk, snatch, as well as a very brief intro to windmills and the pistol. As always, there are things to be improved and tweaked but, overall, I was very happy with the breadth and depth of content covered and acquired in a relatively short amount of time.


Taikei Matsushita said...

Nice man!


Boris said...


I've been meaning to tell you, but that 秘伝 article is amazing - a larger font and you'd have a book!!

Franz Snideman said...

Boris, congrat's on the teaching. Sounds like things are cranking for you!

Keep it up!

Boris said...

Thanks Franz. Actually, work is keeping me from doing as much KB stuff as I'd like, but I'm trying to keep my hand in.