Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Goal

More than a few years back, I went to Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmother's house on the farm. She had a 50 pound scale weight that she tied the dog to out in the yard. I picked it up, and holding it like you would a kettlebell, pressed it about 16 or so times and called it a day. My uncle was watching and after I finished he proceeded to do a couple of bottoms-up presses with it, saying that great-grandpa had pressed it 22 times back in the day. Not that impressive, but if you consider that the guy probably never lifted any kind of training weight in his life and weighed 130 sopping wet, it is.

I'm embarassed and shamed to say that I haven't visited Grandma on the farm for a long time, but I will this year.... and there will be pressing to go with the turkey.

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