Saturday, November 26, 2016

Shoulder Stability - Scapular Mobility Work with Micro-Band

I often have my swimmers do a giant set of "y-pulls", "pull-backs", and "pull-aparts". It is a great combination that, when done properly, is a great promoter of shoulder stability and scapular mobility. A couple of finer points to observe when performing or coaching these:

  • The head should remain in a neutral position - no craning or straining of the neck.
  • The scapulae should be moving throughout these movements. There should be noticeable adduction and abduction.
  • Don't sacrifice movement quality for extra repetitions. If you find yourself mindlessly flopping away at these, rather than do 20+ reps, reduce the number of repetitions to 10 or less and do more sets.
Let me know what you think in the comments below or on YouTube. Thanks!


Peterako said...

Similar to what I try (unweighted) lying down Boris.

I'm very envious of your shoulder mobility on the top (first motion) and may try to get some bands and give this program a shot.


Boris said...

Thanks Pete. The y-pulls are basically like doing dislocates with a bar - part of increasing range of motion is making sure you adduct the scaps and allowing the hands to travel outward.

mocomoney said...

I'm going to start doing this with my squat workout routine great post.