Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chad Wesley Smith

I don't know Chad Wesley Smith at all, but I stumbled upon this video. In my opinion, it's outstanding. Content deals with squatting, "training transfer", strength, GPP, SPP, and proper programming. He talks about the importance of taking "a long-term approach, even in the short-term". If you have a chunk of time, take a listen.

Chad Wesley Smith
"You gotta think long term... develop people for the highest level of success right away... Don't sell yourself or your athletes short by trying to do something that's gonna yield you a fast result and success in 6 months... because you're still going to be better served to do things that will make you good in 10 years right now, than doing the things that will make you good in 6 months."

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Ant said...

I haven't visited your site in ages, great work. I love what the guys at JST are doing and this is an awesome video. Paul at LRB is putting out some great work esp on dieting and base building.