Saturday, January 12, 2013

No Time for Digestion

Here in the United States, we have a real problem with binge consumption. We don't really savor the food we eat, and we are constantly eating. How we are ever able to completely digest the contents in our stomachs and intestines is beyond me. It's no wonder that intermittent fasting has become a popular means of giving a break to our overstressed digestive tracts.

But this isn't really just about food. We do the same thing with most experiences. After we've seen an amazing movie at the theater, we get home and as soon as we are back in our living rooms we turn on the tube to watch something mindless and not particularly interesting. We don't "need" it, we just do it. There's no time given to "digestion".

In the weight room, after a workout, good or bad, we do not sit with session's (or even a set's) merits or failings and reflect. We do not let that session or set speak to us (as it often does a moment or a day later) - instead, we rack it, we journal it, and then we plan the next one to build off a good performance, or make up for a bad one.

No time for digestion.


Barna said...

I had stomach pains since last Sunday and eating at a slower pace reduced the pains. I realized I normally eat WAY too fast.

You got me thinking on the bit about digesting each for thought,to be chewed slowly ;).

Boris said...

I eat fast too Barna - something I try to be more mindful of, but it's hard when you've been doing it for decades.

Thank you for commenting!

Unknown said...

i always had problems with my stomach, the thing which helped me the most is chewing my hot and cold drinks. you may laught but by mixing saliva to it and cool it or warm up the fluid it helps to digest and avoid stomach upsets.