Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Squat Rx #23: A Modification for Shoulder Pain

I've mentioned shoulder and pain and squatting here on the blog numerous times but, for whatever reason, I've neglected this nice little modification that makes holding onto the bar a little less challenging for those with mobility issues. Using a combination of the Manta Ray and lifting straps will take some stress off of the shoulder girdle and allow the lifter to focus on squatting.

For those lifters who are trying to work their way back to barbell back squatting, a combination of grips with and without the straps and with and without the Manta Ray, can be experimented with.

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Unknown said...

Sitting on the fence over the Manta Ray, this may push me over to get one. Over at Paul Carter's blog, he rants about getting the elbows pointing down, not back, and using the arms just enough (relaxing them) to hold the bar steady instead of tensing the shoulders. It helps, but shoulder mobility problems trump some of these fixes.

Boris said...

Yes, shoulder mobility problems make it tough. I haven't kept up w. Paul's stuff, but I've liked what I've read.

Elbows, imho (just like Paul's apparently), should be pointed down -

Everyone should understand that a Manta-Ray (or a Top Squat, or a Safety Squat Bar, etc.) is not an excuse to avoid fixing the issues - just a way to help you keep squatting as you do work on them.

Anonymous said...

Does this help?

Anonymous said...

Hello. Just wondering how the Manta Ray/lifting strap combination compares to the Draper Top Squat? It would appear the straps would allow you to use the same upward arm position while descending, but I'm curious to know which setup was more appealing for you? And if, bang-for-the-buck wise, the Top Squat is worth almost five-times the cost of the Manta Ray option. Thanks.

Boris said...

Hi Anonymous,

I would say that you feel more solid w. the Top Squat. Honestly, I never use straps myself personally for squats, but recommended it to quite a few people over the years. Is the difference in cost for a Top Squat worth it to you? I don't know, but it's a GREAT piece of equipment.

I'm sorry that I don't seem to be directly answering the question. I guess if you really like squatting and plan to squat for many years with bad shoulders, I'd recommend trying out a Top Squat, Buffalo bar, or Safety Squat Bar. If it's a problem that will sort itself out quickly and you really like squatting w. the regular straight bar, then just go w. the straps (and maybe a Manta Ray) option.

Hope that's helpful.