Thursday, June 14, 2012


Young AND Old
The guy on the left is in his 70s and works as a museum volunteer, teaching youth about dinosaurs.


Anonymous said...

Hi Boris,

Great site...thanks for the content

Can you recommend stretches/exercises or resources/videoss to help with extending range of motion for squats?

I am a 49 year old male who has been resistance training for about 5 years (including squats)....and can't get as low in a squat as the man in the picture (I can only get my thighs just past horizontal w/ body weight....with a weighted bar I can only get to horizontal)

thanks in advance...would love to be able to squat like the man in the picture

Boris said...

Hi Anonymous,

I am planning a video soon about stretching and getting deeper in the squat - should be up in the next couple weeks.

Check the posts on stretching linked on the right (Daily Stretches for Strength & Health, The Stigma of Stretching, and Getting Under The Bar - Help for Stiff-Shouldered Squatters). Let me know if you find them helpful.