Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Squat Talk @

There are A TON of great lectures about health, fitness, strength and conditioning at
I've bought more than a few lectures myself and have enjoyed them immensely - I'll try to put up some reviews sometime soon. Probably the coolest thing about them is the PDF transcript that's included with each one, so that if you wanted to quote a lecture or find a particular piece of information, you could do so easily.

We can look to the squat for many answers. We can see the minimum in squatting—the simple rules, if you will, repeated and expressed in most, if not all healthy athletic movement. From the simple rules of a squat, we can produce the bottomless wonders of movement.
Within the squat, what are the essential components, the simple rules we see repeated in healthy athletic movement? We see healthy, uninhibited extension. We see solid posture. We see external rotation of the arms and hips. We see engagement of the glutes and lats. We see solid breathing patterns.
With a poor squat, what broken rules do we see repeated in unhealthy, painful, labored movement? We see dampened extension and overflexion. We see poor posture. We see internal rotation of the arms and hips. We see poor recruitment of the lats and glutes. We see poor breathing patterns.  Squat Talk

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