Thursday, August 12, 2010

Squat Rx #22 (Tips For The Overhead Squat)

It's been a long time since I've done a Squat Rx video and it was due. Although I believe the tips given are clear and commonsensical, I don't think I've ever heard anyone else give them for overhead squat instruction.

The external rotation of the arm is an extension of the idea of "spiral tension" - cueing "the Fonzie" signals contraction of the infraspinatus and the rhomboids, and engage the lats, serratus, etc. that are internal rotators of the arm and external rotators of the scapula. At least that's how I see it and it applies to other kinds of squatting as well. I'm sure someone who actually knows a thing or two about kinesiology will correct me if I'm wrong (or even if I'm right).


Charlie said...

Once again a great instructional video. Makes good sense though I do have a question.

The Fonzie certainly makes sense and I can see how that works with the barbell.

How does this apply when doing overhead squats or Overhead Lunges using dumbbells or kettle bells?

Since the hands aren't connected and prevented from rotating by the barbell, won't this rotate the backs of the hands and the elbows forward and in without engaging the rhomboids and lats? Is this a case where locking out the elbows, rotating the thumbs in and forward while engaging the lats and pulling the shoulder blades in and down ("into the hip pockets" as the dancers would say) would be more effective in getting the back and core engaged and solid?

Am I way off base here?

:-) charlie

Boris said...

Thanks Charlie. I think you're on it.

The Fonzie is not going to work as well for kettlebells. For me, it is a "technical cue" to prompt proper technique, not actual "technique". You hear things like "suck in the shoulder", "active shoulder", etc. I think they are after the same thing - proper shoulder/scapular positioning and muscle recruitment.

Christine said...

This is very very timely for me, and useful! Thank you!

Boris said...

Good to hear Christine - let me know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, just starting to snatch seriously and have been 'sitting back' in my overhead squats, as preparation for snatching. Your demonstration of the difference is really really well done, not a fuzzy example.

François said...

Many thanks for this video! I'll sure think of it for today's training!