Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Energy" Drinks

Have you ever noticed that the people downing all those "energy" drinks, always need to drink more of them? I see students line their lockers with these drinks and their labels, as if they are somehow bad-ass for consuming them...

Folks, "energy" drinks are poison. "ENERGY" DRINKS ARE STRESS IN A CAN.

Seriously, I spend half my time embracing my addiction to caffeinated sodas, coffees, and teas, and the other half trying to avoid them. Stay away from them.


Anonymous said...

Energy drinks I could do without.. But there this pre workout ritual where I must absolutely drink thick black coffee before I train..

well actually it never ends ever since the first time i did it ..

Niel K. Patel said...

My motto is the body gets tired for a reason and not to tip toe around it.

You just end up feeling worse.

Aaron Friday said...

I know a guy who is in methadone treatment to overcome an addiction to opiates caused by doctors' prescriptions for pain. He drinks these things and eats a lot of sugary foods.

He's a very nice guy, and I wish he wasn't tormented like this. Nothing about him suggests that he cares one bit about any of these drugs, but he's in their throes nonetheless.

Boris said...

I gave up caffeine as pre-training thing a long while back. Don't miss it much. Once in a while, I'll try it and I can understand why people like it.


I can't believe that energy drinks are helping his cause, but I wish him well. That's a bad place to be in.

Boris Terzic said...

With these things you take garbage in and you'll put garbage back out in your training.

Mike T Nelson said...


I've conducted research on Energy Drinks (Monster actually) in a university lab and I am currently writing up the results for publication.

What questions do you have about them that I can help with?

rock on
Mike T Nelson PhD(c)
Extreme Human Performance

Boris said...

I have no questions whatsoever. I have opinions and I doubt research or literature reviews will do much to change them.