Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Exercise & Weight Loss

Apparently it's news that you can't out-exercise a poor diet.

Folks, it's time we learned to appreciate food - really appreciate it. Stuffing your face is not appreciating it. Inhaling a box of Girl Scout cookies is not appreciation, it is addiction (and this is another one of those "reminder-to-self-blog-posts", as most are here at Squat Rx).

We need to learn to eat well and learn to stop when we are full. 

We need to learn how to cook, not just boil and microwave.

Let us eat with attention and mindfulness - not while driving, not while watching TV, not because we're bored.

Eating should not be a mindless habit.

Eating should be an experience.


Anonymous said...

Michael Pollan has a lot of great stuff to say about food, e.g.,

Boris said...

Thanks Sam - I'll check that out!

Charlie said...

Well, said, Boris.

The mathematics of food is against you. Anyone can effortlessly and mindlessly eat 1200 calories in about 5-6 minutes, but it takes at least 1 hour of "extremely" hard work to burn 1200 calories.

Here, "hard work" means to run for 1 hour at 12 mph - 5 min to the mile (which is elite marathon runner pace). Very few people can do that.

;-) charlie

Boris said...

Thanks Charlie.

I can eat a box of Girl Scout cookies in 10-15 minutes and, like your example, it's about 1200 calories. If those caloric-expenditure charts are even close to accurate, it's rare for me to burn even half of that in an hour. Most days, my training is an hour or less.

Dan said...

"We need to learn to [...] stop when we are full. "

unless you're bulking? haha

i really like this post though. i've always had a healthy appreciation for food - cooking, experimenting with all kinds of spices and herbs, trying new and exotic varieties whenever i can. i loooove trying new foods from faraway places :)

and pretzels are my personal downfall. i can down 1,000 calories of pretzels like nothing if i'm not careful...

Boris said...

Pretzels are awesome.

Even bulking should be done w. some sense. I'm a huge JM Blakely (author of "big boys menu plan") fan, but most people take his advice as license to be a pig when it's absolutely not - it's eating w. a purpose.