Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Not Good. Not Good At All.

I enjoy lifting rocks once in a while. It's fun. I make sure my forearms are protected. Why? Because I don't want my arms to look like they were caned. Appearance does matter in my line of work.

I enjoy lifting kettlebells. It's fun. I make sure my hands are properly conditioned and callouses are shaved down to manageable levels. Why? Because I'll lose training time with hand tears, and contrary to what some believe, stigmata is NOT attractive.

This is NOT good.

Properly moisturize your hands before bedtime. Use pumice stone or callous shavers to keep callouses under control. Use chalk. Use common sense.


Krafttraining & Kettlebell said...


Training will be gone for several weeks.

Best for you

matt said...

I have found that a combination of ped egg and this help a lot:

Boris said...

Thanks for stopping in Kraft.

A lot of people swear by Husker's Lotion but I really like Burt's Bees. I don't use it all that regularly, but it makes a big difference.

Boris T. said...

Ouch Boris! That really sucks, I've been there. Tore up all the calluses and took a few weeks to fully recover.

Take care and all the best the healing.

From one Boris to another.

Boris said...

Boris - don't know who it is, but that picture is definitely not me!!!

Peter said...

Working out until your hands bleed is like working out until your muscles tear. It sounds tough, but it's just setting you back in the long run.

I chalk up when I lift, and I glove up when I do pretty much anything else that might tear up my hands. I'm not good about moisturizing, though, I'll admit...I just scrape down the callouses when they get bad.

Boris T. said...

It's not you in the pic? My bad!

Still that looks really painful regardless of who it is.

Devin Glage said...

Ouch. A little hand care will go a long way to preventing rips. We have some tools for hard training hands over at our website. Take a look, might save you some skin.