Saturday, September 19, 2009

Deadlift Stud, Squatting Dud

I did a guest blog post for Dave Draper's site Iron Online for people whose squat is dramatically lagging behind their squat and they don't know why.


The Drapers are just good people and their products and the Iron Online Forums are top notch. Check it out and leave a comment or question here or there if you have time.


Sperwer said...

I second the plug for Draper Online. As someone who started lifting at age 54, never having done so before, I then and still find Draper's columns, and site generally, inspiring, stimulating, restorative and, perhpas most of all, sensible.

Franz Snideman said...

Great article Boris!!!!

Bryce said...

This is a perfect description of myself. I do a lot of pistol training and bodyweight squats, with some squatting as a warmup, but most of my heavy posterior chain training is DL's, RDL's, SGDL's, etc. I only use weighted squats to warm up, but down the road I will change that, I promise!


Boris said...

Thanks everyone. I hope there are some things you'll find helpful.

Keep me updated on your progress Bryce.

Franz, Pavel mentioned you to me at least twice over the weekend w. regard to squatting, pistols, hip function, and proprioception. Good stuff and I'll make sure to review the pistol stuff you had up a while back.

progeja said...

I have always thought that it is normal when deadlift is much better than squat for harmonically developed people. Fact, that it is different in powerlifting meets is only because of squat suits.
At the moment, i can do deadlift 5 reps 160 kg and squat 5 reps 125 kg. What do you think, is it normal ratio?

Boris said...


Like I said in the post, I think it's very common for people new(er) to training to have a much better DL than SQ.

Your numbers are pretty close. I wouldn't call that a huge discrepancy at all.

matt said...

Nice article Boris. My deadlift is way ahead of my squat.

"#5) You may need to learn how to build tension as you descend into the hole" I have a real hard time finding bottom. I always go too deep and end up with something like this:

Just more practice I suppose.

Boris said...

Hi Matt.

Study (of self and others) and focused practice -sometimes heavy, sometimes light. It'll come around.

vinnie said...

I've been stuck between 135lbs and 155lbs, because of the recemmendations you suggested weren't being applied. Once I applied the grip (#4) and reduce my depth (#5), coming out of the hole became effortless with the loads I will soon be surpassing. Thanks Boris. You should produce a book, you have saved many of us from injury while simutaneously mentoring how to increase strength. Thanks again.

vinnie said...
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Boris said...

Thank you very much Vinnie.