Monday, August 31, 2009

Three Weeks

I'll be taking the next three weeks off from blogging to focus on work, training, studies, and writing, and travel to St. Paul to assist at the RKC instructor certification course.

Good squatting and I'll see you in three weeks!



Tom said...

Best of luck in all your endeavours Boris, see you in three weeks mate.

Tom Vale
Your Australian Gakusei
(I hope that's the right word =P)

Tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boris said...

It is - thank you Tom!

Aaron Friday said...

I may be able to show up on Sunday and meet you face-to-face this time.

Boris said...

That'd be nice Aaron!

Kejatz said...

Hello Boris, I've stumbled on your site by accident and saw that it revolves around the same topic as my site ( Seeing that we are both squatters :) I would gladly link to your site if you would to mine. Are you interested?

All the best!

David B. said...

Boris, What's up with the "Skwat" t-shirts?
Man, I could really use one.

Do you have a high resolution graphic available?

jobhunter said...

Boris please send me an email to

I would like to know if I can order some SKWAT t-shirts from you.