Sunday, June 7, 2009

Maccha - The Secret Ingredient To The World's Best Protein Shake

Maccha (pronounced "MAH-CHAH") is green tea powder - the kind used for the tea ceremony in Japan. It is a very fine powder, mixed directly into hot water to make tea. It is amazing as a tea, but it is also great as a spice/flavoring. In Japan, it is used in a wide variety of foods from candy and chocolates to meat and rice dishes.

My all-time favorite protein shake is made in a blender with the following ingredients:
*vanilla flavored protein powder
*vanilla ice cream
*frozen fruit (optional)


Jarred said...

humm never tried a shake like that.

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Taikei Matsushita said...

I'm guessing you love Maccha Latte from Starbucks here.

Boris said...

I've never tried it actually Taikei - I will the next time I come across a Starbucks though!

Boris T. said...

Wow a Kit-tak maccha bar? Never seen ones of those before, wouldn't mind trying it either.