Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kettlebell Workshop

On Saturday, November 15, I'll be giving a Kettlebell Basics Workshop for coaches and personal trainers at the CrossFit Iowa gym. Workshops there are always a lot of fun. We are setting a cap on attendees, so please let me know if you're serious about attending.


Ahmed S. Darwish said...

Mr. Boris

I'd like to thank you a ton for your information on the squat rx videos. It has made me engage my glutes in the squat for the first time.

Since I'm training completely on my own (no good trainers around), I struggled for about 3 weeks on how to initiate a good hip drive.

Everytime I tried to say to myself 'get out from the hips' when getting up as Rippetoe recommends in his book, I felt no difference. My quads are sore, but not my hams nor the glutes!

By chance I've seen your posted squat rx videos mentioned in the Crossfit board, specifically the 3-b one about engaging the Glutes and hams.

When you mentioned box squats, you've boldly pointed about having the weight ON HEELS.

That's it!

For the first time, I felt my glutes contracting when getting out of the hole. My ascent have been more elegant/curvy than ever!. I even had my glutes sore all day after forcing the weight over heels.

Thank you very much. I was close to giving it up after about a month of trying to fix my squat form without success. I'm more enthusiastic than ever about increasing my performance in weightlifting these days.

Very warm regards

Ahmed S. Darwish said...

Ooh, I'm sorry if this was not the right place to write above comment. It was the only place I found where I can make a contact.

Thank you :-)

Boris said...

Thank you very much for the kind words Ahmed. I wish you the best in your lifting - keep in touch!