Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Key Log

Key log: a truly ancient concept from the days before suspensors when lumbermen sent their fallen timber rushing down rivers to central mill sites. Sometimes the logs jammed up in the river and an expert was brought in to find the one log, the key log, which would free the jam when removed. Teg, she knew, would have an intellectual understanding of the term but she and Taraza could call up actual witness from Other Memories, see the explosion of broken bits of wood and water as a jam was released.
'The Tyrant was a key log,' Taraza said. 'He created the jam and he released it.' 
(pg. 119, Heretics of Dune)

Often there are staples of our training life that have become impediments to progress, but we just can't let them go. We often look for the one thing to add to our training that will make everything jump forward, but sometimes what is needed is a culling of logs... Addition by subtraction.


Jeff Hammond said...

Boris, how have you culled the logs lately?

Boris said...

Hi Jeff,
I'm sorry I didn't see this almost a year ago! Over the past few years, I've managed to cull some professional stress. In training lately, I've had to cull chins for the most part - my elbow has been a problem. My training is so minimal these days that it's tough to cull exercises - I probably need more of some things like cardio, stretching, loaded carries, and kettlebells.