Saturday, February 7, 2015

"Where are you?"

I've gotten a few emails and messages from people wondering where I've been and my plans for the blog. Here is the short version:

2014 was a good year, but autumn was rough and I didn't want to post fluff just to keep the existing trickle of traffic coming to the blog - call me crazy, but that's how I feel about most blogs and fitness sites. If I'm going to post at all, I want the posts to be thoughtful and meaningful.

I'm back in the coaching business these days (competitive swimming) and it has been great to coach a variety of new athletes of all ages and performance levels. I've been blessed with the chance to work, share, and learn with and from very competent coaches, AND get paid a reasonable wage for it - something that's been missing for quite some time. Swim coaching has added another level of busyness to an already very busy schedule, but I'm enjoying the process.

Having added another layer of busyness, I've done my best to keep my own training at an acceptable level. I am not in great shape, but I've been able to manage enough training that, given a few weeks, I could be back in "fighting shape".

In the coming weeks, I'll try to share some of my thoughts and insights about my coaching and maintenance training here on the blog.

Thanks for reading.

- Boris


Jeff Hammond said...

Good to see you're doing well. I recently invested in some kettlebells and have been going back through your videos for tips and inspiration.

Boris said...

Thank YOU Jeff!

Jason said...

I remember an old observation of yours that drastically changed my perspective -( #13 - Most blogs are long winded copy.

It seems even more common in the present - Not just in the fitness industry today, but most blogs in general. E-mail addresses in exchange for 6-pack tips as far as the eye can see. Utmost thanks and respect to you for all the free videos and posts you've provided and moreover, for keeping it real.

Jeff Hammond said...

I'm looking to paint one of my kettlebells. Do you have any suggestions on paint?

Boris said...

Thank you Jason!

Jeff - I used Sharpie Paint markers and they worked pretty well. The paint stayed on the bell through a lot of use. I'm sure there are other more professional ways to go about it though.