Sunday, August 25, 2013

Just Wondering Aloud...(about childhood obesity)

Just wondering aloud here as I read Why Is Childhood Obesity Down Among Poor Kids?...

Do we really believe that a major reason there seems to a decline in childhood obesity is because of Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign? Really? Seriously??

Could we not also correlate a decline in obesity with Hostess' bankruptcy?  Can we correlate Twinkies sales to this "trend"? Now that Twinkies are back in business, will this "trend" reverse itself?

Does it matter that childhood obesity stayed the same or increased in a majority of states? How does this constitute a "trend"?

Does this study (cited in the article) prove anything other than that kids in 2009-2010 consumed about 68 sugary-beverage calories less/day than their counterparts did in 1999-2000?

I don't like to be that guy - the armchair researcher/statistician, but that tiny voice in my head is screaming "correlation does not prove causation" and "two points don't make a trend"...

I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Thoughts?

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