Saturday, December 22, 2012

Intervention - The Book

The Five Principles (from Intervention by Dan John) 
1. Strength training for lean body mass and joint mobility work trumps everything else.
2. Fundamental human movements are fundamental.
3. Standards and gaps must be constantly assessed.
4. The notion of park bench and bus bench workouts must be applied together throughout the training lifetime.
5. Constantly strive for mastery and grace.
In 2011, I did a review of Dan John's Intervention DVD - it is my all-time favorite strength and conditioning DVD. When I found out that Dan John and Laree Draper were coming out with a book version, I was very excited and it does NOT disappoint. The book covers the content of the DVD and then some.
Many of the topics and concepts are things you might have read or heard from Dan John before, such as "free will", the quadrants, loaded carries, Litvinov, segments from Mass Made Simple, etc., but he's synthesized it all into a very dense, very readable, and very enjoyable book. AND, there is plenty of new material to mull over again and again.
At $25, it is a steal. Is it for you? YES! Sooner or later, you'll realize you need a training intervention. Trust me, sooner is better!

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