Friday, July 29, 2011

55 Ways To Cook A Squat

Squat (high bar)
Squat (low bar)
Squat (w. Manta-Ray)
Squat (w. Top Squat)
Squat (goblet)
Squat (Jefferson)
Squat (Hack)
Squat (Zercher)
Squat (trap bar)
Squat (cambered bar)
Squat (safety squat bar)
Squat (thick bar)
Squat (w. hip belt)
Squat (front)
Squat (front + push-press/"thruster"/"long press")
Squat (overhead)
Squat (full)
Squat (half/parallel)
Squat (quarter)
Squat (walk-outs)
Squat (regular stance)
Squat (narrow stance)
Squat (wide stance)
Squat (ultra-wide stance)
Squat (w. chains)
Squat (w. bands)
Squat (w. weight releasers)
Squat (box)
Squat (low box)
Squat (high box)
Squat (pause)
Squat (eccentric-only)
Squat (concentric-only)
Squat (isometric)
Squat (oscillating)
Squat (breathing)
Squat (fast tempo)
Squat (slow tempo)
Squat (varied tempo)
Squat (bodyweight)
Squat (face wall)
Squat (Hindu)
Squat (one-legged)
Squat (pistol)
Squat (Bulgarian split)
Squat (split)
Squat (lunge)
Squat (side-lunge/"Cossacks")
Squat (bearhug w. sandbag)
Squat (shouldered sandbag)
Squat (front w. kettlebells)
Squat (front w. single kettlebell)
Squat (overhead w. kettlebells)
Squat (one-arm overhead)
Squat (drop to overhead)


Niel K. Patel said...

Box squat? Not one I personally use, but I can't think of anything more than what you've listed.

Boris, do you have a personal favorite squat? Or are you still recuperating from the million pounds?

Boris said...

I had squat (box), squat (low box), and squat (high box) in my plans - for some reason I forgot to include them. I'll rectify that RIGHT NOW. Thanks!

My favorite is the good old back squat (high or low bar), but I really like overhead and front squats (barbell and kettlebell), and squatting w. chains.

Kyle said...

Just yesterday I had a performance review at my gym, the manager commented, "it could be good to increase the variety of your workouts you give people."
"I give lots of different exercises!" I rattled off a dozen squat variations.
"Yes but it's all squatting."

I think it's one of those cultural clashes or something.

Boris said...

I could have included TGUs, step-ups, climbing work, etc. in the list. I might add them later if people are looking for squats-that-aren't-"squats".

Randy Hauer said...

I had a Safety Squat Bar in NYC with handles that bolted to the rack. Almost no one does SSB squat right anymore: hands are not supposed to hold onto the yoke. The utility of the device is you can go heavier than your sticking point and use your hands (rack handles or on the thighs) to push yourself thru the stick. Flip it upside down and you can no hands front squat. Don't see that much anymore either.

Boris said...

That sounds interesting Randy - I'm not getting the front squat application however. I'll try to find a picture somewhere online of that.

John Phung said...

Damn that's a lot of variation of squats.

The only one I can think of that is missing is the "Asian Squat" ( But that's not really an exercise lol

Boris said...

I've always loved that video!

Anonymous said...

Great list! But quarter squats? Is there some legit use for these -- training only part of the movement, say -- or are they listed just for the sake of variety? It seems to me that quarter squats are in some ways the enemy of proper squatting for a variety of reasons, chief among them that they encourage using poundages that are too heavy for the lifter.

Boris said...

Hi Shawn. Thank you!
I think they all have their uses in the right context, the right doses, with the right clientele.