Friday, January 14, 2011

Climbing A Mountain

If we need to climb a mountain, why do we insist on trying to climb the steepest face presented to us?

Do we believe that the "hardest" route is the most rewarding? Do we believe that, for anything good, we must suffer? Do we believe that we are not worthy of success and happiness? Does the unknown scare us so much that, in our fear, we purposely choose the hardest route that predictably leads us to failure?

We attach our to the notion that, if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we are weak. Rather than admit that it is too little, we hide ourselves in a flurry of feigned busy-ness - studies, meetings, emails, plans, spreadsheets, numbers, and graphs. Rather than admit it is too much we plow forward even the face of imminent danger. 

My plate is full! 
Just a little more! I don't care! 
I know what I'm doing! 

We alternate between sticking our heads in the sand, and playing the game of chicken with our physical and emotional health... sometimes we lose... and yet we keep playing.

We hang onto the barbell even when the body has given us plenty of hints that we should put it down and call it a day.

Finding an easier way may be as simple as stopping what we are doing, taking a deep breath, and double checking our course and resources available.


Boris Terzic said...

Great post, thanks you I needed to read that. Been swamped and just plowing through like a mad man.

Time to step back, maybe go for a run in the woods and just enjoy.


Boris said...

Sounds like a good idea Boris!

Thanks for chiming in - hope your hand heals.